Consumer Intelligence






Before selecting a new market, it is necessary for companies to conduct due diligence to understand the local consumer preferences.  Identifying the factors influencing a nation’s lifestyle choices and revealing consumers, what they do and where and how they do it, requires examining national lifestyle habits, ranging from health and living standards, income and earning patterns, eating and drinking habits and home ownership trends.

Understanding today’s consumer goes beyond the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’. Companies need to understand the demographic and socio-economic structure and segmentation shaping and defining local consumers and business-to-business customer perceptions and behaviors.

Through in-depth analysis of customer dynamics, we provide the vital links helping clients fine tune their products and services, increasing the appeal to their customer base.

We help clients uncover a wide spectrum of business niches. Typical client questions and needs include:

    • What are the right target customers for my product?
    • What are my customer’s preferences, requirements and priorities?
    • What are my customers unmet needs and wants?
    • Can you predict customer behavior towards my product?
    • Will this new product appeal to my target customer?
    • How do customers perceive us and our competitors?
    • What is the best positioning for our product?
    • What are the positioning platforms for products within the category?


Our qualitative research digs to understand consumer behavior and preferences in your industry, resulting in a more focused quantitative research. We conduct several methodologies for content depth when it comes to tracking trends and forecasting new ones.


Our quantitative consumer research delivers the numbers and metrics behind consumer perceptions and motivations. Goals of this type of consumer research include the quantification of past, present and future behavior.