Corporate Social Responsibility Intelligence






We offer our clients not only excellence in global strategies for development and marketing for their brands around the globe, but also provide them the opportunity to add even more value to their brands by being socially responsible, creating sustainability and making a difference in the world.

We understand the many challenges facing clients in today’s global climate from the day to day operations to business development to marketing and beyond, and that is why we offer our leadership and expertise to implement Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) initiatives for our clients.

We help clients uncover a wide spectrum of serving objectives. Typical client questions and needs include:

    • How can we serve our local clients?
    • How can we support our local communities?
    • How can we demonstrate a higher commitment to the well-being of our local employees?
    • How can we aid the environment?
    • How can we serve our planet?
    • And how can we help greater humanity?

What makes our CSR initiatives and platform building successful is our synergistic approach to Think Global but Act Local.  Our wide-range network consisting of our local presence and trusted relationships on the ground of the local communities in which our clients operates allows us to ensure our clients meet their overall objectives as well asocial objectives and good citizenship.  In developing a CSR objective that is a good fit for clients, we offer:  Strategy and Integration, Implementation and Benchmarking, Reporting and Communications, and CSR Risk Management and Compliance.  In addition, we also encourage clients to make charitable donations on their merit and offer and invite clients to join us in our own philanthropic CSR flagship initiative “Terra Nova Gives Back” in connection with Denver Sister Cities International.

Strategy and Integration

In working with clients, we help identify CSR programs, platforms, causes and opportunities that support both our clients’ existing business model as well as the expectations of their stakeholders. We understand that for a business to be socially responsible, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach and know that there must be a good fit for any CSR initiative to be effective and bring about long-lasting value.  We work closely with our clients in designing and facilitating customized CSR strategies and programs into our client’s existing business models that provide added and shared increased value to clients’ brand and to its stakeholders as well as provide social impact and awareness.

Implementation and Benchmarking

Successful and sustainable CSR programs and initiatives do not arise automatically. Instead, they require close attention to detail, awareness, local presence, education, development, congruency and transparency.  This is where Terra Nova Insights added benefit of having our analysts with already established relationships in the local markets and adaptation comes into play and we do the work for you.  While engaging the local communities’ interests, we identify key value-creation opportunities while providing milestone assessments and proven benchmarking skills and expertise. Our benchmarking is based on multi-tiered due diligence reporting, risk assessment, accountability, and innovation that ensure the support of new or adapted product and service offerings, and a sustained determination and evaluation of utilization of client’s CSR resources.

Reporting and Communications

Paramount to any solid CSR initiative or program is effective reporting and communications. What sets Terra Nova Insights’ CSR support from others is our emphasis on ongoing assessment and reporting to clients on their overall CSR initiatives in alignment of their goals and desired outcomes. Our ongoing reporting consisting of in-depth analysis and communication service offerings identifies any challenges and issues affecting your CSR initiatives.  We also develop action plans for your CSR communications initiatives, as well as provide creative marketing communications for social marketing, cause marketing, along with the preparation of quarterly or yearly CSR and sustainability reports to clients’ stakeholders.

CSR Risk Management and Compliance

CSR Risk Management and Compliance is an essential element in ensuring consistency for our client’s CSR initiatives and platforms and brand protection. Our risk management services provided ranges from country risk analysis, issue management and addressing coordination of CSR initiatives and stakeholder expectations, quality assurance and the integrating of CSR in existing risk management and corporate governance and compliance programs. We also offer assistance in implementing CSR in existing risk management in compliance with both international and domestic laws. The added benefit to our clients of our CSR risk management is the protection of clients’ brand value, avoidance of revenue loss, maintaining good relations and minimizing the risks of unintentional breaching of laws and international conventions and the avoidance of lawsuits.

Terra Nova Insights Gives Back

An integral part of the company’s culture and philosophy, Terra Nova Insight’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for our clients is tied to its core mission of service.  We are committed to the health and well-being of global consumers and to the international communities in which we serve and in doing so, we employ ethical business practices with philanthropic efforts that is predicated and dedicated to four key pillars that we stand by and believe are crucial  to the challenges our world faces today:  eliminating poverty and hunger from the face of the planet; fostering literacy and education for all;  sustainability to our planet; and empowering women to achieve economic independence. We clearly believe in the maxim of being the change you want to see in the world. We encourage you to join us.