Market Intelligence






We support a wide range of projects, including category management, market measurement, strategic planning, business development, innovation and new product development. We provide the vital links helping clients fine tune their products and services, increasing the appeal to their customer base globally.

We help clients uncover a wide spectrum of market characteristics.  Typical client questions include:

    • What is the size, growth, company share for this category?
    • What are the key trends and market drivers?
    • Is this a good opportunity?  Why or why not?
    • Is demand sufficient to operate profitably?
    • How can we identify the best opportunities from multiple countries and categories?
    • How will the local economy impact future sales?

Market Expansion

Based on your international expansion goals and given the emerging global conditions, our teams can help you narrow the focus to current markets and prospective markets to concentrate on in the future.

Business plans

Crafting a global strategy and market prioritization for the development of your brand, we analyze, incorporate, and help implement insights and strategy to develop a framework that will help create value for your local target market.