Sales Intelligence






We provide your frontline sales teams with accurate, up-to-date information about their sales prospects and helping them to identify relevant targets to add to their pipeline, businesses can realize their sales targets and significantly reduce the sales cycle over time.

Through in-depth analysis of customer and partner dynamics, we provide the vital links helping sales team fine tune their prospecting and pitching, increasing the appeal to their customer base.

We help clients uncover a wide spectrum of business niches. Typical client questions and needs include:

    • Where can we find insights about our sales targets and competitors, such as changes in personnel, new product offerings, acquisitions and expanding operations?
    • How can we refine our pitch for identifying with partners and customers?
    • What are the local business communication practices?
    • How should we divide our sales territory and devise the sales quota according to market?
    • How can we measure our sales team performance against real local opportunity?
    • What are positioning platforms for trades shows and conferences?


Our qualitative research digs to understand sales trends and opportunities in your industry, resulting in a more focused quantitative research. We conduct several methodologies for content depth when it comes to tracking sales trends and forecasting new ones.


Our quantitative sales research delivers the numbers and metrics behind sales trends and opportunities. Goals of this type of sales research include the quantification of past, present and future supply and demand.