The mission of Terra Nova Insights’ is to serve and empower companies to increase sales by preparing them to serve their growing consumers, provide distinct competitive differentiation and advantage, as well as add significance and definition to their brands in markets around the world.

 Concept and Vision:

After being convinced that data is critical to any business, needs to be disambiguated and takes time and resources to tell a resonating story, we developed the concept of Terra Nova Insights. Given that multinational corporations wishing to expand domestically or globally have limited resources, time, and capabilities to navigate emerging global conditions, our vision is to become the preeminent organization that companies go to for data mining and insight, planning and presentation (i.e., “storytelling”).

What’s in a Name?:

    • Terra Nova: means “new land” or “new earth” in Latin, Galician and Portuguese.
    • Insights: denotes an understanding based on identification and realtionship and behaviors within a model, context, or scenario i.e,. “flashes of inspiration” or “penentrating ideas.”
    • Terra Nova Insights provides our clients with “insightful” analysis for creating a navigation strategy of the emerging “new world.”

Our Commitment to Community:

Terra Nova Insights, LLC is a global champion committed to making the world a better place by making a difference in the communities we serve.  We are committed to the health and well-being of global consumers and international communities through philanthropic efforts that eliminate poverty and hunger from the face of the earth; fosters literacy and education for all and promotes sustainability to our planet.

Please visit our Social Responsibility page to learn more about our Terra Nova Insights Gives Back  program.