What we do

New Markets!

We help you make more informed business decisions globally!

Consumer and Market Research

Deliverables are highly visual documents and presentations.  Podcasts compliment company wide distribution. And/or, customized iPhone/iPad application for stunning, interactive content and rich displays of big data analytics and multi-media publications.

“Creating a global strategy for development, marketing, and local adaptation for our client’s brands and products around the globe.”


Competitive and Industry Tracking

In some cases our analysis looks at competitors on an annual basis.  This is appropriate to the big picture, strategic view we provide. In some cases weekly, monthly or quarterly competitive tracking is complimented by our competitive database platform and dedicated curator for  archived news and timely department newsletters and/or ongoing reports.



The emphasis on presentations is different depending on audience and interest. Because different audiences have different interests, we customize our presentations relevant to the concerns of the audience. Presentations have been designed for executive management, middle management, finance, R&D, sales conferences, dealer and distributor conventions, off-site management workshops and meetings, advertising agencies, public relations companies and others. These presentations usually last one to two hours.


These are three to four-hour seminars designed to get into the concepts of Market Research in greater detail.  There is more opportunity for Q&A.  The group size is usually 20 to 100+ people.  Often the participants are an internal team sharing a common interest.  The best seminars are customized to address the key issues confronting the group.


We advise on the implementation of the market planning and consumer research concepts and helping to assure alignment with these concepts.


Crafting a global strategy and market prioritization for the development of your brand.

We work with clients to institute brand value within the organization and according to local market.  We consult on creating brand differentiation in local markets.  We have helped clients select the executional resources for implementing these goals according to local market.  We work with these resources on the development of specific brand value programs according to local markets and on behalf of the client at an on-going basis.