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Terra Nova Insights, LLC is a boutique international development consultancy and global research company headquartered in Boston, MA. We bring a breadth of experience in both the qualitative and quantitative realms. Our network is your network: We excel at bringing together customized teams of experts and specialists to meet your specific project needs.

We have helped the world’s leading multinationals assess their current operating environments and development potential for specific economies, regions, and markets; this entails an analytical interpretation of industry, country, company and consumer level metrics and understanding of research methodology behind the analysis.

Our experience includes conducting onsite strategic presentations, using key industry trends, to help improve senior management decision making processes and advising clients to achieve their business objectives to grow their business internationally. Furthermore, we have represented and offered insights in the market research industry at large trade events around the globe.

Our goal is to support our clients increase sales by preparing to serve its clientele, provide distinct competitive differentiation and add significance and definition to their brands in markets around the world.

Terra Nova Insights’ global consumer research division has extensive experience in consumer and B2B research, big data analytics, business intelligence, marketing, and strategic planning.  Key focus areas include consumer foodservice, travel and tourism, retailing, packaged food and personal care.

Our project work has covered 50+ countries.

Our network includes:

    • Research analysts,
    • Specialists, including industry experts
    • Consumer and B2B panels

Country and regional analysts

Our in-country analyst network is managed by country and regional analysts in our locations around the world. Working closely with each in-country team, the regional research management team ensures that all country researchers are well educated in best practices, from the information collected in store checks, to the dialogue we build in trade surveys. Our country analysts ensure that reports explain the data trends and provide clear insights into the local market’s dynamics.

Industry specialists

Each industry we cover is managed by an industry manager and team of industry analysts who research and report on their specialist categories.

Our collaborative approach to research means that these industry teams are in constant dialogue with industry players and opinion formers. Our research strategy reflects latest market trends and industry events. In completing each project, this provides invaluable input to the testing, review and finalization of our data.

The specialist in-house teams bring together findings from all stages of the annual research process. They work closely with in-country analysts, assess and challenge data and exercise final editorial control over the publication of new data and analysis.

In-country research network

To deliver fresh insights in countries all around the world, we believe the strongest approach is to use analysts on the ground. They bring fluency in local language, physical proximity to the best sources, an ability to engage directly with local industry contacts, and an awareness of how the products and services we study are advertised, sold and consumed. These are essential parts of our ability to report incisively on these markets.

What questions will Terra Nova Insights help your Brand and/or Marketing team answer?

Everything from the overall size of the market and its current and future rate of growth to the state of company and brand competition and which players are most actively driving the market.

Our research complemented with our audit data will provide you a total world or local view, the ability to review all of these questions across many country markets at once.

What questions will Terra Nova Insights help your Product Development team answer?

Our research in each national market includes rounding up the latest product developments, new launches and other brand activity. And as well as the supplier-side view on how these are contributing to industry growth, we give an independent view on consumer perceptions and what ultimately is driving the market forward.

What questions will Terra Nova Insights help your Strategy Planning team answer?

Our research evaluates national, regional and/or global sales trends at a very broad product level or down to a very precise level of product subsector detail.

Exactly the same powerful analysis is possible on companies and international competition and on the shifting retail structure of fast moving consumer goods markets and related services.

Our research allows you to look at data in real terms growth, per capita data, unit price data and so on, all tools that help with forward planning and market forecasting.